Epta Iberia launched its new brand Epta Concept, that made its debut by working on a very special store: the covered market in Calle Clara del Rey in Madrid, which demonstrates Epta Concept’s ability to offer ad hoc fit-outs, where the solutions from Epta’s brands integrate perfectly with store layouts.

The first step involved was outlining the requirements of the customer before proceeding with the design of unique shopping environments that  surprise consumers as soon as they walk through the door, thanks to the close collaboration between the Sales, Marketing and Merchandising departments. The market is a charming open space with no visual barriers, that almost beckons you to discover the day’s fresh specialties. The most striking feature is the personalization of every area, despite them all fitting harmoniously into the space.

The fresh food acts as a “catalyst”: Epta Concept has designed numerous areas, each of which has its own personality. The presentation of fish, meats, cold cuts and desserts stand out as a result of constantly changing details: the seafood is positioned on a special cabinet designed by Costan with a shelf for unpackaged products and a fully equipped back counter in stainless steel, while the exquisite Jamons, cured meats and cheeses are displayed in Rossini Costan cabinets with clean lines and curved glass. Another  noteworthy feature is the Patisserie, that has  a sophisticated appearance thanks to the choice of Eurocryor Spring B solutions with straight glass, double shelves and the Torre tutto-vetro [full-glass Tower] with 5 shelves. These bespoke cabinets make the “sweet creations” truly irresistible, thanks to their full transparency and the warm colour of the briar-root that was chosen for the front panel and the back wall of the department.
Another stand-out feature is the area dedicated to fruit with wooden display cabinets, where the promotion of the items combines with the utmost focus on ergonomics and functionality.