For the first Oasi  Store in Perugia, the Gabrielli Group has overcome two challenges: to offer the city a sustainable point of sale, as well as a welcoming and familiar place, which has always been a priority for the Brand.

The project was accomplished in collaboration with the Epta Group, which contributed towards outfitting the fourth Oasi store in energy class A, thanks to the innovative FTE – Full Transcritical Efficiency system, and the solutions of its Costan brand, with unique design and performance.

The true star of the green revolution is the new transcritical CO2 FTE, connected to an Eco2Small plant. The store is actually one of the first in the world in which the Epta Group installed this system, which in a simple way ensures energy savings of 10% and a reduction in installation and maintenance cost of 20%, compared with traditional booster solutions.

The exclusive Epta Telemonitoring Service completes an assortment of cabinets, from the closed vertical GranVista units for fresh produce to the Elephant UP frozen food counters that avoid dispersal of the cold air and reduce energy consumption, This service allows the constant monitoring of consumption and the adjustment of the operating parameters to real environmental conditions.

Respect for the market and for the community also entails paying the utmost attention to the needs of consumers, which is confirmed by the wide range of products available: 14,000 items, of which 9,000 food, including local, bio, vegan, gluten free... Also worthy of note is the assisted service department, furnished with traditional Rossini Design cabinets, for consumers who like to be advised by experienced operators on the specialities on offer in the Delicatessen, Butchery & Cold Meats and Cheese departments.

Costan solutions have been chosen as a guarantee of better shelf life in produce, helping to reduce food waste. This is a new initiative for the Epta Group aimed at promoting the Zero Waste philosophy, in line with the principles of the food surplus recovery programme agreed between the superstore and the Food Bank.