IARP New Range

JOY, GLEE and DELIGHT, the innovative cabinets from the new Emotions range by Iarp - the plug-in specialist from the Epta Group are perfect for giving maximum visibility to the products on display and prompting consumers’ desire to make purchases!
Their modern style, featuring elegantly minimal forms, ensures fantastic display & Point Of Sale capability, and is highly suited for use in bars, pastry shops and specialist shops that have a contemporary and refined design.
And what a joy for Customers: these items of furniture encourage them to make purchases and are sure to make their shopping experience utterly delicious!

• Cutting-edge design, thanks also to the use of LED lighting, which is ideal for exclusive spaces
• Highest level of personalisation, that includes a highly evolved system for applying digital prints onto sheets of metal
• The system uses a natural refrigerant, thus reducing the frequency of maintenance interventions

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…when impulse buying makes you happy.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 13:45