With its brand Iarp, Epta will be participating at Eu’Vend&Coffeena, the biennial trade fair dedicated to vending machines, that is scheduled to take place this year from 27-29 April in Cologne (Stand C026). The vending machines market has been growing constantly, and in Europe alone it has 295 million customers, 3.8 million machines and an annual turnover of 14.6 billion euro. 

Iarp operates in this sector and is fully focused on guaranteeing for its customers a service offering the highest level of interaction and convenience in the purchase experience, by developing innovative concepts to astonish users. In this regard, the brand will be attending the three-day event in Germany with its latest line, Iarp City Collection that is dedicated to ice-creams, snacks and drinks. The Iarp City Collection is the result of the philosophy “#EptaExperience is the way”, and provides new confirmation of the Company’s ability to combine cutting-edge technology with expertise in tailor-made design and reliability, while offering vending machines users an original and engaging experience.

Specifically, the solutions will astonish users with their metropolitan and captivating design: New York, London, Milan and Milano Slave (compact version) stand out for the images of the respective cities on the sides of the machines: this is a concrete example of the infinite possibilities in terms of layout personalisation that can be achieved thanks to the new digital printing directly onto metal sheets. This is also a user-friendly range that plays a key role in incentivising impulse buying. Indeed, the line was devised specifically to improve usability during all purchase phases: from item selection through to its collection. 

Finally, Iarp also uses Fox and Stik logistics components. Fox - which is based on a eutectic plates system that guarantees the highest level of preservation of food and drinks - is an ideal container for transporting supplies of perishable products that are to be loaded into the vending machines. Stik was created as a model to be employed alongside vending machines in order to store items at a temperature of - 30 °. Its main strength is its impressive energy autonomy, as even without electricity the inside temperature remains constant for 48h.