With its brands Costan, Eurocryor and Misa, Epta has confirmed its status as the supplier of the refrigerating systems for MasterChef Italia, the renowned culinary talent show which will be back for the sixth season on Sky UNO HD every Thursday at prime time.

The “Zero Waste” philosophy is at the heart of the new season and the aim of this virtuous approach is to raise awareness of this highly topical subject with a large audience: to astound the four dreaded judges Carlo Cracco, Joe Bastianich, Bruno Barbieri and Antonino Cannavacciuolo technique, creativity and daring will not suffice, as aspiring MasterChefs will have to prove their talent “in the art of food rescue”, to demonstrate that even leftovers and lesser cuts can be used to prepare the finest dishes.

These are values that Epta also firmly believes in and with this venture it has confirmed its commitment in promoting the centrality of refrigeration as a resource for reducing food waste, while ensuring a correct display and the highest level of freshness for food items.

With Epta, even appearance is important: the Costan branded Opera, a green plug-in characterised by high efficiency fans and LED lighting, was chosen for its impeccable presentation of fresh foods in the most famous pantry on Italian television. Also worthy of mention are Eurocryor’s Flat cabinets, with their amazing 3D transparency and display elegance. These solutions were designed to enable contestants to immediately identify all ingredients and avoid wasting even a second of the precious time they have to complete the challenges.

Finally, Sound Green Costan plug-in cabinets for frozen foods and Misa cold rooms are unbeatable allies in the preservation of gourmet products. Specifically, the Misa solutions are equipped with the exclusive Epta Food Defence technology, a cutting-edge system that uses the special properties of silver ions to improve food safety and ensure a complete and permanent antibacterial protection for the entire life cycle of the cold rooms.