Epta is the official supplier for the first edition of Top Chef Italia, the renowned cooking show that has been gripping millions of viewers all over the world for 50 seasons in 21 countries. It is a compelling contest between professional chefs, produced by Magnolia for Discovery Italia with a prime time broadcast on Channel 9.

Passion, experience, manual dexterity, creativity and excellent ingredients: these are the secrets of the Top Chef Italia competitors. To ensure the perfect execution of their gastronomic masterpieces, the set was fitted-out with professional equipment, including Epta solutions from Costan and Misa brands. Cutting-edge refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms that are a testament to Epta’s responsible approach, as expressed by the concept “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value”.

Specifically, the vertical and horizontal plug-ins Opera and Sound Green Costan were chosen, as they combine impeccable presentation and the best preservation of the organoleptic qualities of foodstuffs, with the highest respect for the environment, through the use of green technologies. Moreover, the utmost freshness, wholesomeness and food safety of the sophisticated ingredients is ensured by the Misa KLM cold room, equipped with the exclusive Epta Food Defence. This is an innovative antibacterial system with silver ions available for all Misa solutions and devised to improve the food safety of the products stocked within the cold rooms.

William Pagani, Group Marketing Director for Epta, comments: “This is a new collaboration through which Epta contributes to promoting the centrality of refrigeration as an essential resource for safeguarding foodstuffs and contrasting food waste. In conformity with the Gadda law on the management of surplus food, that came into force in September, Top Chef Italia donates the fresh and high quality products stocked inside the Costan and Misa solutions that are not used during filming to a Milan based charity. This same charity provides more than 2,500 meals every day to people in need, through an agreement with the food bank.”