Thanks to Epta Argentina transcritical CO2 technology for subtropical climates conquers South America


Epta Argentina completed the first installation of transcritical CO2 systems for subtropical climates in Latin America. One of the leading retail brands has turned to Epta for this major project involving a recently renovated store in Buenos Aires. Specifically, Epta Argentina provided with its brand Costan a turnkey solution with a minimum environmental impact that is in line with the sustainability policy promoted by its customer.

It was a significant challenge, won thanks to the combined efforts of Epta Argentina and the Group’s CO2 Training Centre in Great Britain that enabled to apply in South America the most technologically advanced solution available on the market.

Specifically, two tailor-made transcritical CO2 systems were installed with four medium to high temperatures compressors and three low temperature compressors. Epta Argentina, with its brand Costan, also dealt with the storage area, equipped with 2,100 m2 of TN and BT cold rooms, as well as with the fresh and frozen food aisles of the store. These were furnished with high energy efficiency solutions such as the Lion ECCO closed vertical cabinets, the Beluga 2 frozen food islands and the serve-over and self-service Piazzolla cabinets for fresh products and hot delicatessen.

The project was completed with Epta Service telemonitoring service, active 24h a day, 7 days a week, to ensure predictive diagnostics and targeted interventions to guarantee the maximum operational and energy efficiency.