Conad confirms its faith in Epta by choosing equipment from Costan, Eurocryor and Misa brands to fit-out the food court in its new superstore, which was recently unveiled inside the Shopping Centre Azzurro Life & Shopping in Naples Fuorigrotta. Situated in one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in the city this 10,000 m2 store was conceived as a meeting point to promote the area and local specialities.

This Conad retail store is characterised by an impressive range of fresh and ready-made products, 300 of which come from local suppliers. Meat from the Campania Region, cured meats, mozzarella and other typical cheeses are the main attractions in the Butchery and Delicatessen department thanks to the exclusive Costan Rossini Design from the RevUP Family supplied in both the assisted service version, for Customers who prefer to discuss their purchases with experienced staff, and the self service version for those with less time, who still want traditional, wholesome food.

The area is completed by two fully transparent ad-hoc cold rooms: one, by Misa, is used as an area visible to consumers for dry-aging meat, as a guarantee of the utmost freshness and quality of the fine cuts. The other, realized by Costan, provides a superior shopping experience with a wide selection cheese directly accessible to consumers.

In addition the positive GranVista and negative ElephantUP Costan cabinets further increase the appeal of the packaged fresh and frozen products: these total-glass vertical cabinets are prime examples of RevUP Technology and are designed with revolutionary modern display concepts to create a new image for the Refrigerated department characterised by maximum visibility, comfort and energy saving.

As well as the above, the Sapore & Calore [Flavour & Heat] section deserves a special mention as pizza, the food champion, is enhanced by the Eurocryor Bistrot and Torre displays. These cabinets have a contemporary design and a large display surface ideal for creating spectacular presentations and making oven products even more appetising, while contributing a touch of charm to the Bakery area.

Gianpiero Caruso, Italy Sales Director of Costan and Eurocryr comments: “Tradition and innovation merge within this cutting-edge Superstore for which Epta offered a mix of solutions from its brands Costan, Eurocryor and Misa that combine a minimalist aesthetic appeal with a high level of transparency and low emissions, thus responding to the dual requirement that was expressed by its customer Conad of highlighting local products and promoting the territory. In order to further reduce the impact of the store, Epta Service activated a 24 hours a day 7 days a week tele-monitoring service which allows the system’s parameters to be adjusted remotely ensuring energy consumption is rationalised at the most efficient levels.