On 10 - 11 April Epta and its brands Eurocryor, Misa and Costan will be at IMeat 2016, the two-day event dedicated to butchery that will be held at ModenaFiere Pavilion A Stand. 34. It is an important occasion where all the operators in the sector get together to discuss and examine in more depth the new role of butchery, a rapidly developing business sector in terms of technological solutions and the presentation and general promotion of products.

Eurocryor, Misa and Costan will be presenting their solutions in conjunction with exclusive systems designed to guarantee the highest quality and enhance the appeal of fine cuts of meat. In particular, Eurocryor will be exhibiting its tailor-made refrigerated display units, which can be used to create a uniquely scenographic presentation that captures the attention of consumers and promotes the products. Moreover, the freshness of the meat is ensured by the exclusive Dynamic Systems technology that allows it to be preserved for a number of days inside the cabinets - without having to put it back in cold storage rooms overnight - thus maintaining its organoleptic and aesthetic qualities unaltered.

Misa will be in attendance with its cold rooms which have always been synonymous with hygiene and excellent conservation of foodstuffs, and which are now reinforced by Epta Food Defence. This is an antibacterial system with silver ions that was devised to improve the food safety of stored products and prevent, combat and eliminate numerous types of bacteria - including the most dangerous varieties - for complete and permanent protection throughout the entire life cycle of the cold room.