In line with its social responsibility policy and commitment to environmental protection, also confirmed within its Third Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Epta takes its place alongside FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano - to become one of the foundation’s Corporate Golden Donors.

With this initiative Epta makes a firm contribution to safeguarding Italy’s heritage. Thanks to the support of its many members, both private citizens and companies, for 40 years now FAI has been protecting and managing 50 cultural assets: important historic settlements and artistic and scenic treasures, rescued from neglect and restored and opened to the public to make Italy a more beautiful place to live, work and raise children.

Epta Chief Executive Marco Nocivelli commented: “Epta shares FAI’s mission and its ambitious challenge to make accessible to everyone the splendid jewels of our land, a fundamental resource in which to invest in order to make our country flourish again. Promoting public awareness and respect for the environment is an important goal reflecting the social commitment that has always characterized the Group’s brands which actively implement strategies for achieving sustainable progress.” Nocivelli went on to say, “For this reason we are pleased to announce Epta’s entry among FAI’s Corporate Golden Donors, a group of around 350 companies that, day by day, choose to act decisively on behalf of a more beautiful Italy.”