Three video clips outline all the stages of the partnership between Epta and Granarolo. A partnership dedicated to innovation and summed up in videos that aim to convey the Milk Experience within its area at Expo 2015.

The clips, filmed at the Granarolo stand in the Italian Pavilion, are in interview-form to illustrate the challenges posed and the results of an alliance which have yielded two refrigerated cabinets specially designed and produced by Costan and Iarp.

In detail, William Pagani, Epta Group Marketing Director explains how the partnership came about, before unveiling Epta’s “secrets” when it comes to creating and customising cabinets for major food producers and the main Major Retail brands. Designed to make the utmost use of available space, the refrigerated equipment of the Group’s brands combine unbeatable visibility and accessibility to products with the utmost food safety, in line with the concept “The Epta Way UP: Preserving Food Value”.
Giorgio de Ponti, Designer at the Epta Innovation Centre, describes the technical and aesthetic characteristics that render the solutions designed for Granarolo, both of which are patent-pending, unique. The combination of natural materials and cutting-edge technologies teamed with an original display layout make it possible to enhance Granarolo’s products, improve interaction with Customers whilst at the same time ensuring the highest food safety standards.

Last but not least, Myriam Finocchiaro, Head of Communication & Corporate Affairs at Granarolo, explains that “With Epta and Granarolo, Italian produce has a winning card to play at Expo 2015”. She goes on to state how satisfied she is with the resulting Costan and Iarp cabinets, which combine outstanding performance with an original design whose unusual characteristics arouse Customer curiosity, thereby contributing towards increased purchases.

Watch the videos and find out more about the project!