EptaBlue Waterloop 2015


Here is a winning solution for commercial refrigeration: EPTABlue, a totally green system!

EPTABlue Waterloop is an innovative eco-sustainable system that converts any refrigerated cabinet into a plug-in unit by connection to a closed water circuit.

High efficiency, thanks to a floating condensation and evaporation system that provides -20%* lower Energy consumption, +24%* higher cooling efficiency, 43%* lower global warming impact.
Total reliability, because it offers a water-based integral cabinet that is connected, set, tested and optimised before leaving the factory.
Expertise guaranteed, by the numerous plants installed worldwide that use EPTABlue for store refrigeration and heating, recovering the heat released by the cabinets.
Absolute versatility, because the entire range of refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms is available in an EPTABlue version, guaranteed for all climates.

*compared to a standard direct expansion system

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EptaBlue Waterloop
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Monday, May 25, 2015 - 20:15