Epta takes up the social challenge and opens its own Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube channels: the desire to be more transparent and sharing motivated the Group to extend its communications into Social Media. The aim is to use quality contents to create engagement in the users and to offer inspiration for interesting interaction between clients and stakeholders.  

Numerous and varied posts are published. Among them the important weekly #eptaroundtheworld appointment, a selection of the most important installations by the group's brands around the world. Appealing tutorials, international  awards, tips and the foremost features in the Italian and foreign press definitely add value to the Epta brand online, in line with the Eptology philosophy: the Epta Way Up and its four Evidences, is the fil rouge of the social contents and will contribute to a more effective representation of the Group and brand's strength.

The goals of the project are, on the one hand, to support the company in boosting its position as a leading opinion maker in the industry; on the other hand, to further strengthen its brand reputation online, through ethical and sustainable communication so social networks become one more source of traffic for the corporate site and for the various brands.