Bonnet Névé was awarded the Janus: where eco-design is the protagonist.


Bonnet Névé, the Epta Group brand, was awarded the Janus de l’Industrie, eco-design mention by the French Design Institute(IFD), thanks toSkyView, a high-performance solution jointly created with Danone and thought out by One Buy One. Bonnet Névé was formally conferred this prize at the 60th Janus award-giving ceremony, held at the Palais du Luxemburg, on January 28th: an opportunity to uplift fourty-nine exemplary creations, among which SkyView claims its role as a cabinet that improves the shoppers’ day-to-day.

Janus de l’Industrie is an award that the Institut Français du Design has given since 1953 to products that – ever since their conception – are singled out by an innovational design, an utilitarian value as well as a real benefit for the user.

SkyView and the Opinion of the Jury

The refrigerated cabinet named SkyView, installed in the « fresh foods» area, represents a remarkable improvement for such a strategic high-attendance space in any supermarket. The jury showed to have appreciated the effect produced by the creation of a livelier space that can also be used for promotional initiatives.