RevUP spotlights GranVista and SkyView

REVUP is Epta’s exclusive new feature at Euroshop; it is a concept in line with the “Power UP your store” slogan that aims at revolutionizing and improving the consumers' shopping experience and expanding the Retailers' business.
The absolute stars in this development are GranVista byCostan and SkyView by Bonnet Névé. A new and mould-breaking solution on the market that is backed by the Group's 100 years of experience in the refrigeration industry. Presented for the first time at Euroshop, it is a vertical cabinet,completely re-engineered in terms of look, lighting and materials
A wall of products available to the consumer in a single gesture. GranVista and SkyView are total glass cabinets including full-height glass doors. They are characterized by the absence of a roof and by uprights that allow an 8% larger opening.
In regards to energy efficiency, the double glass doors feature the bestUG value on the market, i.e. 1.1 W/m2.k, for a cabinet with insulation similar to that of a cold room and with better mist prevention. The results - certified by Eurovent - confirm that GranVista/SkyView is constructed with materials providing the highest level of performance in terms of thermal insulation. Its completely renewed aeraulic design enables 11% energy savings when compared to traditional closed cabinets and 62% when compared to open cabinets with night curtains.