Fresh Meat Dynamic System: freshness to attract


Both in the supermarket and in the butcher's shop, freshness and healthiness are the key elements behind the choice of the consumer, especially when meat holds the centre of the table. To ensure perfect preservation, Eurocryor has devised the Fresh Meat Dynamic System, an unprecedented solution that captures cold and turns it into sheer refrigerating energy.

A unique blend of technology and quality in four simple letters: FMDS makes it possible to display the products inside the chilled counter for 5 days in a row, with no need to remove them and store them in cold rooms overnight, and yet it keeps their organoleptic properties and their fresh, enticing look intact. Moreover, it affords an average weight loss of only 0.12% compared to a traditional cabinet for meat, which provides an average value of 3%. The result is estimated in annual savings of over 18,000 Euros.

Well beyond the boundaries of innovation, the Eurocryor brand has overachieved itself, uniting this technology to thousands or customisation possibilities. To furnish stores in the best possible way, it actually developed design equipment, flexible and entirely tailor-made, that places the client at the centre of the stage and enables total visibility of the cuts and products displayed. Captivating lines and surprising lighting: architecture welcomes imagination and changes the style of the meat areas of stores and small shops, thereby transforming these into modern, elegant and essential boutiques.

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