RevUP Technology: the masterpiece of refrigeration flies high at Euroshop


Five overwhelming days crammed with satisfaction: Euroshop 2014 was the launching pad for one of the most important revelations that the refrigeration business has witnessed in the past few years. On February 17, in front of a large audience of clients, journalists, partners and co-workers, EPTA presented the new REVUP technology applied to cabinets GranVista by Costan and Skyview by Bonnet Névé: an unprecedented, completely re-engineered vertical cabinet, efficient and multisensory.

Suspense and enthusiasm were the hallmarks of the unveil event. In the course of it William Pagani, the Group's International Sales Director and Marco Nocivelli, Managing Director, expressed their pride in the Epta team's work and commitment that made it possible to achieve extremely high standards in terms of design, aesthetics and sustainability.

A very lively atmosphere that was confirmed by the words of Mr. Pagani: "Invisible cabinet for visible merchandising: I am proud to introduce this new purchase-stimulating range, completely different from the cabinets on the market and based on the principles of contemporary architecture, which is increasingly characterised by indoor spaces protected by total glass facades".

To re-live the highlights of the event, watch the video or the Facebook page.