Groundbreakingly innovative and uniformly designed, the family of SkyEffect Bonnet Névé refrigerated cabinets is now even richer and more complete.
- The areas dedicated to fresh, super fresh and frozen products, can be equipped with a single range of evolved solutions and targeted new products.
- Versatility is staple with the SkyLook and SkySpace semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets, which boast advanced technical solutions and a coordinated identity.
- Multiple choices: 4 lengths, 3 depths and 3 heights for SkyLook, 3 types of doors for SkySpace.

Epta System is the advanced Epta vision. A complete system, which includes high technology, services, concepts, solutions, and innovative designs; the foundations of SkyEffect. To help you accomplish your #storevolution.

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Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 12:45