World Manufacturing Forum: the experience of Epta for digital transformation

search 25 Nov 2022

WMF Logo 2022

Epta is proud to be among the participants in the World Manufacturing Forum, scheduled from 25-26 November at the Porsche Experience Centre Franciacorta di Bargnana, in the province of Brescia.

A prestigious event for the manufacturing industry during which managers, policymakers, experts of the academic world, and researchers meet to analyze the market trends and respond to the challenges of the future.

Energy transition and digital transformation

The World Manufacturing Forum is an international event conceived to stimulate dialogue, innovation and cooperation within the sector, to accelerate a digital and sustainable transition in relation to the environment and to people. A route that foresees an evolution of the organizational and productive models, toward the development of sustainable companies. An intent perfectly summarised by the title proposed for this edition: “Redesigning Supply Chains in the New Era of Manufacturing”. Two days of conferences and round tables, during which Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta and Chairman of Anima Confindustria gave an interesting speech entitled “Integrare i criteri ESG nel core business delle industrie manifatturiere” (“Integrate ESG criteria in the core business of manufacturing industries”)

Sustainable technology to respect the environment

A speech was dedicated to ESG factors which measure the environmental, social and governance performance of the businesses, according to specific targets and operating standards. In the past, these three dimensions were primarily connected to the ethics and positioning of the business; today, the goals are even more ambitious, in line with an increasingly demanding market.

The challenge is to harmonise business growth and respect for the Planet to develop a sustainable technology which is advantageous to all.


“To what extent can Italian mechanics contribute to the digital and sustainable transition of the sector? Our goal is to integrate the ESG into Italian manufacturing businesses”.  Marco Nocivelli declares, “Nevertheless, in my experience, speaking of ESG does not mean “to tick the box”, but to think and prepare to have a positive impact on these issues. You need time and determination but through commitment, it is possible to help customers in their green transition and, at the same time, contribute to the progress of the planet.”