Tortuga 2 and Crocodile 2 by COSTAN, for shopping within everybody’s reach

search 07 Feb 2012


<p>Milan, 07 February 2012: New look for Tortuga 2 and Crocodile 2 by Costan, the frozen food cabinets with incorporated lids. Innovative solutions that guarantee excellent visual impact and easy access to the products displayed, keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Perfect food presentation, practical stocking and comfortable for both customers and staff at the retail outlet: these are the guidelines that inspired Costan in its design of these two cabinets. The lid really stands out and features extreme transparency as well being more ergonomic because it opens vertically rather than horizontally.  </p>
<p><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/body_images/images/tortuga2_pa_ph_png (1).png" style="width: 416px; height: 186px;" /></p>