TEDx Belluno: Epta main sponsor of the event

search 15 Jun 2022

TEDx Belluno

Epta is main sponsor of Tedx Belluno, first edition of the internationally acclaimed format in the city of Veneto. Scheduled for 18 June, the event enjoys the sponsorship of the Regional Authority of Veneto, the Provincial Authority and City Authority of Belluno, of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti and numerous partners.


Disruption at the centre of TEDx Belluno

An appointment dedicated to disruption, to involve and “contaminate” the entire province. TEDx Belluno proposes to give life to a movement that supports the birth, sharing and development of innovative ideas.

Well summarised by the acronym TED, the event will focus on Technology, Entertainment and Design. These are the areas which are redefining the edges of day-to-day life and the future.


TEDx Belluno to enhance the territory

An event realised by the people of the territory, for the people of the territory with the goal of “opening the doors of the Dolomites to the world, in a new way”. During this multidisciplinary conference 12 keynote speakers will alternate with each other.

Thinkers, innovators, experts and athletes who, with their ideas, personal accounts and experiences, will stimulate dialogue. They can be the source of inspiration for the residents of Belluno feeding “disruptive” thought.

Sharing gives way to novel solutions able to positively influence the life of people, relations among individuals and reality.

It is an initiative with a significant impact on the local community and on young people.


Refrigeration and sustainable development

Epta promotes TEDx Belluno with the goal of stimulating a joint reflection on the importance of disruption, in all its forms. Each of us can be disruptive.

It is an innovation which becomes tangible in every sector, through the search for continuous improvement. A change so radical to foresee a complete transformation of the pre-constituted models.  


A concept which comes from the technological aspect, and which evolves into an effective approach to tackle, in their entirety, increasingly demanding challenges in development and sustainable innovation.