Sustainable innovation: refrigeration and interior design at Milano Design Week

search 06 Jun 2022

Design Week 2022 Milano

The design of EptaConcept is at the service of Milano Design Week and on show at Superstudio Più in Via Tortona in Milan.

From 6 to 12 June, it will be possible to explore FUTURE, the most recent creation of the biophilic designer Massimiliano Mandarini, realised in partnership with EptaConcept.

FUTURE, a tangible example of the unity of the creative force of the EptaConcept team with that of the Architect Mandarini, is born to promote the ESG criteria through the presentation of future models to experience in hybrid and nomadic places.


Refrigeration and the environment: the attention of Epta in sustainability

Coworking spaces that in a few metres show how it is possible to organise a structure that integrates indoors and outdoors to promote creativity, productivity, and well-being. A biophilic and plastic free installation which promotes the wellbeing of users and at the same time bio architecture.

What makes FUTURE unique is the creative way that merges art and ethical principles: proof of the attention of Epta for sustainable innovation.

The group chooses partners able to foster biodiversity and sustainability along the entire value chain. The goal is to create, together, architectures that integrate the environmental and social dimension.


EptaConcept furnishes FUTURE with the wine coolers Magenta and Scarlet

The protagonists of FUTURE include the wine coolers Magenta and Scarlet branded Iarp, placed inside the wine library. These double temperature display cases designed according to the EcoDesign logic can be taken apart, with shelves made of recycled wood. They use R290 as natural refrigerant and boast LED lighting, which increases energy saving.

They are minimalist solutions ideal for inserting into an artistic project to enhance the circular economy and raising awareness among the public, to develop the culture of circularity and being an example to other business realities.