The sustainability of smart working: Epta partner of the Smart & Value research project

search 10 Oct 2021

Smart & Value

A new initiative confirms Epta’s commitment to the adoption and promotion of a model founded on innovation and ethical responsibility: the Group joins Smart & Value, a training and research project on the sustainability of smart working. The plan was launched by the multinational Stantec together with the Sustainability & Circular Economy Lab (partnership between the Department of Management of the University of Bologna and Manageritalia Emilia Romagna) and the start-up Dilium, with the support of 11 Italian companies belonging to distinct sectors. 


The goal of the programme is to define the positive impact of smart working on the three dimensions of sustainability, starting from the timely assessment of objective parameters. The study, structured in two phases, will last for about a year. The first step is divided into two subsections and will see the involvement of about 300 employees of the partners.

Primarily, there will be a training course dedicated to the study of digital and organisational factors and to the psychosocial implications of flexible working and to training for a correct use of the data collection software. Through the Smafely application, all workers involved will plan their calendar and the smart working activities for six months, indicating, for example, the routes and the transport methods used to move from home to office and the places from where they work in remote. 


The second step, which will end in September 2022, will include a qualitative and quantitative survey conducted by a pool of researchers of the University of Bologna to define the real benefits of smart working for people, the environment and the business. The results of parameters such as polluting emissions, time, distances covered and costs will prove to be a real support to the policies of sustainability, business welfare and non-financial reporting