Solidarity Christmas. Epta and UNICEF for the Ivory Coast

search 11 Feb 2022

Solidarity Christmas: Epta supports UNICEF

Christmas in the company is Epta’s opportunity to do some good. A solidarity Christmas which saw Epta at UNICEF’s side in 2021 to spread schooling in the Ivory Coast.

This important initiative confirms the Group’s commitment to promote education, as fundamental for building the future.


Experiencing Christmas in the company

Each year, Epta supports a charity project.

This year it chose UNICEF to support childhood in the Ivory Coast. A country where 1.6 million children don’t attend school. 

Business donations can make the difference to guarantee so many children a better future. Starting with the right to study.


Together for a solidarity Christmas

Thanks to Epta’s Solidarity Christmas, UNICEF is creating new schools of recycled plastic and eco-sustainable bricks. These environmentally friendly facilities guarantee the younger children a safe and clean environment where they can play, learn and discover their potential.

These special bricks are also much more economical, light, resistant and easy to assemble. Respecting traditional methods, they make it possible to build a classroom in just 5 days.


Build a better future together, brick after brick

This virtuous programme also includes plans for making families, 46% are composed of single mothers in a state of poverty, economically responsible,

Together, with the Colombian social enterprise Conceptos Plasticos, a “pink” recycling market is being created.

The women manage the project and convert plastic waste into building materials, and the positive environmental and health effects are perceivable. Since 2019, when the initiative was launched, large safe classrooms have been built, able to host more children. To date, more than 874 tons of plastic have already been recycled.