Refrigeration technician training: the Refrigeration School in Padua

search 16 Jan 2023

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Epta supports the young people and the territory of Solesino (PD), long-established site of its Eurocryor brand, renewing the collaboration with the Salesian Manfredini Institute. This has led to the new Refrigeration School and the course dedicated to creating the refrigeration technicians of the future, bearing witness to how much the Group believes in the new generation, for sustainable growth of the sector.


Ruggero Gallo, Epta Plant Manager at the site of Solesino, comments the initiative as follows: “A partnership designed to transmit our technical skills to the students, together with our values and our passion, to stimulate their professional integration in the numerous local businesses”.

He adds: “Veneto is one of the Italian hubs of reference for refrigeration and air-conditioning, with more than 400 companies. This initiative allows us to promote a close relationship between future professionals and local businesses, including Epta, with the goal of bringing a breath of fresh air and encouraging the exchange of ideas.

The refrigeration technician: passion, skill, sustainability

The course is activated from the third year and continues with a specialisation if the students wish to obtain a “Refrigeration technician” diploma.

Epta has trained and updated its teaching staff, both remote and on-site, at the Costan production plant of Limana. Here, it has been possible to present the recent technologies of the Group, synonymous with sustainable innovation.

Epta, apart from making itself available for lessons and workshops, will supply CO2 equipment in coming months to allow students to put what they have learnt into practice.   


“Thanks once again to Epta on behalf of all the staff of the Manfredini Institute, for its commitment and trust in our young people, who will also contribute to the growth of the sector as expert operators”, concludes Mirko Padovan, School Principal.