Quality and aesthetics for a successful shopping experience

search 31 Mar 2022

EptaConcept solutions

Having overcome the restrictions of 2020, the desire to shop and experience has returned. The post-pandemic psychological dynamics lead to prefer quality over quantity, so the perceptive ability is driven by the type of information which is received and by the offer, where taste and visual perception must be maximised. Commercial refrigeration plays a fundamental role, because it is able to provide the end user this type of details: if a product is healthy, perfectly stored safe and tasty.

Today Consumers are in search of something more than a simple purchase. Consequently, new services are born to support Retailers and operators of the Ho.Re.Ca. and Food Beverage sector in creating spaces that merge aesthetics and positive values in which the Consumers can create spaces that merge aesthetics and positive values in which the Consumers can recognise themselves. In this way, to conceive a store means also increasing the virtuous approach of the Client and design the system of relations with the Customers.

For this reason, Epta, with its EptaConcept brand is alongside the operators of the Large-Scale Retail Trade and of the Ho.Re.Ca. channel in designing and realising commercial premises, corners, original and made-to-measure kiosks.

The multidisciplinary team of EptaConcept is able to follow the Clients along a comprehensive process which is articulated into the following steps:

  • interior design consulting, starting from the analysis of the client’s needs.
  • definition of the set-up and modelling of the environment, also by 3D rendering. One of the advantages of EptaConcept is the ability to integrate harmoniously refrigerated counters of different Epta brands and provide the non-refrigerated cabinets and furnishing accessories. The selection of the furnishings, the choice of original combinations, materials, shades, textures together with the lighting design and ergonomics enhance the display and increase the interaction between consumers, products and staff.
  • customisation of showcases, in terms of dimensions, accessories, colours and finishes in the store. The theatricalization of the spaces leads the Customer to have a higher perception of the quality of the food, in favour of greater loyalty.
  • installation for a truly turn-key service.