Oscar for the first all-CO2 Carrefour Market

search 04 Apr 2012


<p>Leading actors: Bonnet Névé and CEF Nord. <strong>At last, the age of transcritical CO2 arrives in France with the first supermarket of Beaurrain Les Arras, inaugurated 14th November 2011</strong>. An eco-friendly store where the cold chain has played a part of vital importance, starring leading actors Bonnet Névé and installation company CEF Nord. <strong>Leading light of the installation was the Eptagreen compressor pack powered by transcritical CO2 at positive and negative temperatures, custom-designed for Carrefour</strong>.  Reduced carbon footprint, efficiency and a better consumer experience for clients, thanks to visual merchandising carefully planned studied down to the last detail by Bonnet Névé.</p>
<p><img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/body_images/images/Proxima_Volum1_jpg.jpg" style="width: 400px; height: 289px;" /></p>
<p>Eco-smart solutions for energy saving, too - <strong>the units chosen have transparent doors and covers, double-glazed for energy savings of over 50%</strong>. The real Oscar goes to the excellent collaboration with CEF Nord in carrying out this pilot project – without doubt, a model for the future.</p>