Marco Nocivelli awarded Order of Merit for Labour

search 30 May 2020

The President of Italy Sergio Mattarella has awarded Marco Nocivelli an Order of Merit for Labour.
The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Epta Group is one of the 25 entrepreneurs granted this title. Established in 1901, the Order of Merit for Labour is conferred each year on Republic Day to prominent figures who have stood out in the sectors of agriculture, industry, commerce, crafts, credit and insurance.
It is necessary to have operated in the sector continuously for at least twenty years in a position of leadership and to have made a significant contribution, through business, to economic growth, social development and innovation.
“It is a great honour to be awarded an Order of Merit for Labour. A recognition that also rewards the commitment and determination of all collaborators of the Group, who are the driving force at Epta in Italy and around the world,” stated Marco Nocivelli. “This is not a target reached but a new starting point for constant improvement, [we are] always ready to face the challenges of the market with confidence and to do our part to promote local development and increase the wellbeing of the community, which is more important than ever during this moment of national recovery”, he added. “On a personal level I feel invested with a huge responsibility, since I believe that entrepreneurs are called to set a good example for society in terms of integrity, transparency and ethics.” he concluded.
To date, 2,822 entrepreneurs have been awarded an “Order of Merit for Labour”, counting those proposed by the Italian Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, in consultation with the Italian Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Teresa Bellanova, who are named in the decree signed on 29 May by the President of Italy.
Below is a list of the 2020 recipients:
Maria Allegrini (Agriculture / viticulture - Veneto)
Antonio Campanile (Chemical industry - Umbria)
Giuseppe Castagna (Credit - Lombardy)
Lorenzo Coppini (Electroacoustic transducer industry - Tuscany)
Anna Maria Grazia Doglione (Iron and steel industry - Piedmont)
Ferruccio Ferragamo (Fashion - Tuscany)
Nicola Fiasconaro (Craft confectionery products - Sicily) Mario
Frandino (Food industry - Piedmont)
Maria Laura Garofalo (Private Healthcare - Lazio)
Alessandro Gilardi (Construction industry - Piedmont)
Guido Roberto Grassi Damiani (Jewelery - Abroad)
Giuseppe Maiello (Trade of perfumery - Campania)
Enrico Marchi (Airport activities - Veneto)
Luciano Martini (Food industry - Emilia Romagna)
Paolo Merloni (Household appliances industry - Marche)
Marco Nocivelli (Refrigeration - Lombardy)
Guido Ottolenghi (Port logistics - Emilia Romagna)
Gian Battista Parati (High specialization industry - Lombardy)
Umberto Pesce (Metalworking industry - Basilicata)
Federico Pittini (Steel industry - Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Giovanni Ravazzotti (Ceramic Industry - Abroad)
Giorgia Serrati (Trade of preserved fish - Liguria)
Silvia Stein (Knitwear - Veneto)
Maurizio Stirpe (Component industry - Lazio)
Guido Valentini (Metalworking Industry - Lombardy)