La Pioppa Ovest – make a stop in the future!

search 16 Jul 2012


<p><strong>If you’re driving along the A14 Bologna-Taranto, when you reach Zola Predosa, have a stopover at the MyChef service station of La Pioppa Ovest</strong>. You’ll be surprised at how avant-garde this structure is, inaugurated on 15th March and the first one in Italy to have a single cold chain system, by Costan. The restructuring of La Pioppa Ovest, which includes Carrefour Market, McDonald’s, Briciole bar and the Antica Locanda restaurant, is part of an evolutionary trend in Food & Beverage and Travel Retail towards modern, functional and eco-sustainable service areas.</p>
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<p><strong>Unique feature of this eco-station is its centralised refrigeration, enabling consumption to be reduced to a minimum, improving safety and overall system reliability. </strong>“The collaboration with Costan has been extremely fruitful in satisfying our requirements and achieving excellent results in terms of efficiency, energy saving and continuity of service.” explained Leopoldo Resta, Marketing Director of MyChef<strong>.</strong></p>
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