IoT: “intelligent refrigeration” for Retail and F&B

search 04 Jul 2022


The disruptive evolution of the Internet of Things also enters the Retail and Food&Bev world in leaps and bounds. Epta is one of the promoters of a smart development in the commercial refrigeration sector.

IoT takes a new intelligence of service inside and outside the store, allowing to guarantee greater efficiency, profitability, optimisation of running costs and perfect operation of systems.


From today, the refrigerator cabinet is always connected

We explore the topic with Massimo Occhipinti, Digital Shared Services – Data & Platforms Manager of Epta.

«For Epta, the transition towards more advanced technologies, merged with the development of IoT and Artificial Intelligence translates into an unprecedented form of connectivity and data analysis of its systems and products, to offer Customers greater value. Furthermore, the collection and subsequent processing of information is essential for Epta, to take data-driven decisions and achieve more performing results».


IoT in retail market: Epta entrusts itself to AWS

The true revolution of IoT systems in the refrigeration sector is the possibility to obtain data in real time. The quality of the connection, the ability of interpretation and, above all, privacy and safety are absolute priorities.

For this reason, it is important for us to be able to entrust ourselves to a partner of excellence like Amazon Web Services. AWS is a company of the Amazon group specialised in processing, database storage, distribution of contents and other functions. It supports companies in becoming more agile and renewing themselves quickly.

As we showed during the AWS Summit (21-22 June, Milan) the collaboration of Epta with AWS is crucial to ensure our Customers tangible advantages.  

It allows us to analyse heterogeneous data in real time, guarantee safety, scalability, sturdiness, and continuity in the business activities and in the choices that come from the data. It also ensures the best performance of our exceptionally reliable products and services.