Hydroponics in the office: Epta meets Cultifutura

search 11 Feb 2022

Hydroponics and environmental sustainability

#EptaPeople Urban Garden was born in the premises of Epta, Milan. Based on the techniques of hydroponics, the initiative offers the possibility of experiencing contact with nature during working hours.

The goal is to promote well-being in the company and raise awareness on the theme of environmental sustainability, starting from what we eat.


Environmental sustainability in the company

Epta has recently installed CultEvo, an urban farming product created by Cultifutura. This start-up from Milan was set up within the context of the OpenInnovation project promoted by Epta and Corporate Hangar.

Specifically, the employees – chosen based on a competition – have the possibility to access a personal garden in turn.

Each of the users have a small plot available to them to complete two crops of their choice between aromatic plants, salads and microgreens. Once the cultivation cycle has been completed, they leave room for new growers.


What is sustainability? The experience of hydroponics

The project allows to experiment what sustainability means through hydroponics within the workspace, sharing the journey with their colleagues-growers.

#EptaPeople Urban Garden was born to promote sustainability in the company and:

- encourage an experience able to promote a healthy lifestyle.

- ensure that the employees dedicate more time to their well-being inside the company.

- promote the importance of food and its correct preservation.

- reduce the consumption of resources, for a more sustainable approach.

- increase the cooperation between colleagues.


Finally, thanks to the CultEvo APP, the growers are guided through every phase of the plants’ growth, receive information on hydroponics and can monitor the condition of their crops in real time. They can also organise exchanges of products and choose areas to grow together.

#EptaPeople Urban Garden looks to the business values and to the concept of Sustainable Innovation, which has always been central to the mission of Epta.