search 27 Nov 2012


<p>On 20th September 2012 George Barker hosted in its Bradford facility the annual meeting of SIRAC (Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning). This is a section of the Institute of Refrigeration with the aims of:</p>
<p>·         Providing a forum for the exchange of information between academia and industry</p>
<p>·         Providing information on the funding of new technology and research</p>
<p>·         Disseminating information about current research programmes at universities and in industry</p>
<p>·         Organising an events programme for members</p>
<p>·         Updating a website of current research</p>
<p>This key event focussed on the potential of CO2 in commercial refrigeration and on the latest developments in cabinet design and construction.</p>
<p>John Austin-Davies’ introduction was followed by presentations from Jon Sheehan, Epta Technical Manager, on CO2 as a natural refrigerant and from Dan Bibalou, of London South Bank University, who described the advantages of the circular economy and its impact on the refrigeration sector.</p>
<p>  A prestigious gathering and a chance to discuss and exchange ideas around the theme of – once again – sustainable innovation.</p>
<p>John Austin-Davies commented, “This was an excellent opportunity for Epta to show some very highly respected people in the Industry, the capability of George Barker in the UK, and Epta Group internationally.”</p>