FTE, selected within the EU’s LIFE17 project - A new standard in CO2 refrigeration in Europe

search 12 Oct 2018


A new achievement for Epta’s FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency System, which becomes part of the prestigious Life C4R – Carbon Retail Refrigeration project! It is an EU-funded initiative, to define new technologies and standards for natural refrigeration in Retail and contemplated in the European LIFE17 programme.

Intended to boost environmental and climate protection, LIFE 17 promotes more than 35 projects, divided into two areas, Adaptation and Mitigation. The activities feature the actions to facilitate fire prevention in the hottest zones of the Mediterranean, work to reduce coastline erosion and flooding and programmes to attenuate the effects of climate change in cities, through a more responsible management of green areas, with a consequent improvement in the healthiness of air.

FTE technology has been inserted within the Mitigation area of LIFE 17 because the EU has deemed its efficiency worthy of special attention. The over 150 systems installed worldwide bear witness to the fact that FTE significantly reduces gas emissions compared to traditional systems.

The international LIFE C4R project related to the FTE system, previewed at Chillventa, shall last 3 years and be finalized at the development of a management protocol in the technical, marketing and communications area. The strategic 2018-2021 plan includes two pilot projects in Italy and, at the same time four additional installations in Romania, Spain and eventually in Nordic Countries, to validate the results obtained in different climatic conditions and to carry out a full analysis of the lifecycle of the systems, according to LCCP standards. To conclude the path, LIFE C4R will be able to certify FTE technology as a standard industrial solution, throughout Europe, for the future of CO2 refrigeration.

Updates on the development of the project, interesting case studies and promotional materials will be available at the link carbon4retail.eu