search 18 Sep 2023

Epta News-Our ESG Criteria

In addition to underpinning Epta’s successful Business Formula, the ESG criteria are structurally integrated into the strategic approach of the Group and contribute to the creation of a long-term shared and sustainable value.

The ever-greater attention to environmental and social themes by the Company deeply affect its business choices, as demonstrated by the targets set in the Strategic Plan, confirming Epta’s role as Green Transition Enabler.


The ESG Advisory Committee strengthens the business ESG-Culture

The ESG Advisory Committee set up in 2022 strengthens the business ESG-Culture. The management-board Committee is composed by members selected from the Company directors and managers of the Group who have gained skills in sustainability.

The Committee, supported by specific management policies of Human Resources, assists the Board of Directors and promotes best practices both nationally and internationally on a continuing basis, integrating the environmental, social and governance factors in the business strategies.

The ESG criteria, combined with active initiatives to protect the Natural, Human and Corporate Governance Capital, are supported by measurable targets and KPIs which are monitored continuously.


The interventions in the ESG area are implementable only thanks to the active and transversal involvement of all companies of the Group, with the intent of globally sharing the best practices already in place in the different local realities.


The ESG opportunities integrated with Epta’s competitive model present enormous potential, and it is only through their application that the generation of profit becomes the natural consequence of a virtuous cycle.