search 17 Apr 2007


The new medium power compressor pack

Flexibility is the main feature of the new medium power compressor pack named EptaGloo in order to face the growing market attention to the problems of noise reduction and internal space optimization. Its main features are: - easy to install and to maintain; - three levels configurability:

- controllers, frameworks (and correspondent noise level reduction) and oil regulation;

- extremely compact dimensions.

Several accessories are available on request as the complete oil regulation system (AC&R), the panel board with magnetothermic differential protection and microprocessor controllers which control both high and low pressures and integrates complex algorithms to optimise the energy consumption.

The new family is characterised from:

- compressor packs with 3 or 4 Bitzer compressors, a total of 22 models, with refrigerating capacity from 18 to 122 kW in Medium Temperature and from 10 to 35 kW in Low temperature.

- Danfoss and Carel controllers with the control of the evaporation pressure or of both evaporating and condensing pressures with the possibility to have floating set-point to optimise energy consumption

- control board with magnetothermic

- differential protection as an option

- possibility to control the compressor pack from remote

- a specific version to install the unit outside (no cover needed) will be available.