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Marco Nocivelli with the Award

Epta is the overall winner of the 12th edition of the "Di Padre in Figlio – il Gusto di fare Impresa" (From Father to Son – The Pleasure of Entrepreneurship) Award. An award to Italian Family Businesses that demonstrate ability, care and dedication in continuing and enhancing the work of their parents, from generation to generation, as is the case for Luigi Nocivelli, founder of Epta, and his son Marco President and CEO of the Group.


An award to Italian entrepreneurship...

An award in support of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric, promoted by Credit Suisse and KPMG, with the contribution of Mindful Capital Partners and the scientific support of LIUC Business School, "Di Padre in Figlio - Il gusto di fare impresa" celebrates the realities of the Bel Paese that have successfully managed the delicate phase of the generational transition, demonstrating high financial skills, professionalism and passion. Following careful evaluation and analysis of the numerous candidate companies by the Jury, Epta was recognized as the overall winner. An example of best practice driven by the cohesion of the Nocivelli family, which has been able to pass on values and enthusiasm from "father to son," for continuous growth over the years also thanks to the synergy with another entrepreneurial family, the Triglio Godino family, which has been participating in the leadership of the group since 2013. A story that began immediately after World War II, with founder Luigi Nocivelli, under the banner of three key words: resilience, humility and innovation, pillars shared with his son Marco, today at the head of the Group.


... and family

"It is a great honor for me to receive the 'From Father to Son' award. It is a concrete achievement that recognizes the importance of family even within a business context." Comments Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta, who concludes "I would like to dedicate this achievement to all #EptaPeople, because they have been able to appreciate and embrace my family values as a source of inspiration in their daily work. I also thank my children, my wife and all those who are close to us for their passion and dedication."