Epta UK wins the Made in Yorkshire Award

search 13 May 2022

Made in Yorkshire

Epta UK is among the winners of the Made In Yorkshire Awards with the UK version of the Gazelle, a vertical glass doored refrigerated display cabinet from the Costan brand.

Epta UK won in the Manufacturing Innovation category. This prestigious award is dedicated to the manufacturing company with headquarters in the region of Yorkshire and Humber, which has generated a significant financial return in the area thanks to a product manufactured in the area.


Manufacturing innovation at the service of efficiency

The judges stated that the company has provided proof of tangible commercial success, sealing agreements with an important player in the United Kingdom and one of its distributors in Ireland to install the UK version of Gazelle.

Commercial refrigeration represents approximately 40% of the average energy consumption of a supermarket. For this reason, the players in this sector have been committed to offering efficient refrigerated display cabinets that contribute to store sustainability.

The materials, the type of refrigerant and the presence or absence of doors play a crucial role in the energy efficiency of the furnishing equipment and its environmental impact. Starting from the analysis of these aspects, Epta UK has designed the Gazelle, a range of vertical glass refrigerated display cabinets for fresh products built in the UK.


Sustainable innovation thanks to technology

These refrigerated display cabinets are an example of the experience Epta has in sustainable innovation, using the latest technologies, in favour of maximum energy saving and greater enhancement of products on show.


The refrigerated display cabinet awarded at the Made in Yorkshire Awards

The key features of the UK version of Gazelle include:

  • Energy efficiency class B within the framework of the European Energy Label Regulation
  • Green refrigerant, namely choice of CO2 as natural refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1
  • LED lighting to obtain 35% energy saving compared to the previous model
  • Low U value glass and high visibility doors
  • 3M1 performances at 0°C Saturated Suction Temperature (SST)
  • High efficiency fans and optimised evaporator battery for maximum sustainability
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


The future-proof refrigerated display cabinet Gazelle built in the UK

Martin Peel, Epta UK Operations Director, who collected the award, stated: “We are very proud to have won this award. It confirms the experience of Epta UK in developing future-proof refrigeration solutions and technology, designed to give customers value”.

He goes on to say: “The UK version of the Gazelle allows us to strengthen our position on the market and add a new high efficiency range to our portfolio which promotes sustainability using low GWP refrigerants and glass doors. This new development confirms the value we attribute to sustainable innovation and reflects our vision: to be the first-choice partner in commercial refrigeration in the United Kingdom and in other related markets”.