search 06 Oct 2023

Epta and Air France – KLM together for biofuel in air transport

Epta takes to the skies to make air transport more sustainable, participating again in 2022 in the SAF programme - Sustainable Aviation Fuel – with a calculated loan to proportionally compensate CO2 emissions associated with the travel of group employees. This contribution has allowed Air France and KLM to procure 20 mT of sustainable aviation fuel in 2022.

The results have been extraordinary: the use of biofuel has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 88.7%, compared to the use of fossil fuel. Consequently, Epta has succeeded in reducing its carbon footprint for an equivalent of 69 mT of CO2. A goal perfectly in line with the strategy of the Group to promote a development plan which is more responsible, sustainable and attentive to the environment.


SAF, the green heart of ecological transition

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is the green heart of ecological transition for the aviation sector, as it allows a significant short-term reduction in CO2 emissions. It is produced using renewable sources, such as used cooking oil and the residues of agriculture, through a process of cleaner production in line with the principles of the circular economy.


Furthermore, SAF is a “drop-in” fuel, which means that it can be blended with traditional fuels without requiring modifications to plane engines. This combination of characteristics, together with a reduction of up to 80% in emissions compared to fossil fuels, makes it a cornerstone of sustainable innovation.


This meaningful initiative adds to the virtuous approach of Epta which, as Green Transition Enabler, deploys sustainable innovation in every business sector: from the development of low environmental impact solutions, realised with recycled and recyclable materials, to production processes conceived to reduce waste and optimise resources, with a focus on energy efficiency and use of renewable sources.