search 20 Apr 2023

Ecovadis Logo 2023

Epta, on the occasion of World Earth Day, announces a partnership with EcoVadis, the leading provider of corporate sustainability ratings, with a global network of more than 100,000 rated companies, to incentivise virtuous growth in environmental, social, and governance terms. A partnership aimed at shaping a responsible ecosystem along the entire supply chain.


A transparent supply chain

The value of a company is strongly connected to its supply chain and its transparency on Social & Environmental Responsibility. Thanks to the EcoVadis evaluation model, it is possible to analyse the performance of each supplier in order to identify its strengths and areas for improvement. Several parameters are examined, including compliance with ESG criteria, work ethics and respect for rights.


Epta, with the aim of monitoring the operations of its business partners and encouraging the attainment of ever-higher standards, chooses EcoVadis to guide its activities with a view to conscious development in all areas of the business, including the relationship with stakeholders. 


"Sustainability is the driver behind all Epta's daily activities. Cooperating together with EcoVadis allows us to identify effective interventions for continuous improvement, in order to enhance the ESG performance of the Group and its suppliers." Comments Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta and concludes "A valuable reporting tool that accompanies us in facing a path of ecological transition through the definition of targets involving the Value Chain, in line with market demands. A well-defined course to confirm our role as Green Transition Enabler in the refrigeration sector."