search 06 Oct 2023

Epta rechaza la indiferencia y marca la diferencia junto a Legambiente

Epta refuses indifference and makes the difference with Legambiente, supporting its initiatives in favour of cleaner public green space with specific active participation in the Park Litter project promoted by the association for spreading a culture of volunteerism.

September saw the employees of the Milan office of Epta, armed with gloves and a strong sense of community, clean up the green areas next to the headquarters in Milan (in via Quintiliano, zona Mecenate) from abandoned waste.

This small gesture, but of great value, bears witness to the commitment of the Group in protecting the environment, promoting active citizenship and enhancing the territory, sharing the core principles that have steered Legambiente since its foundation.


Epta cleans up the world starting from Park Litter

Epta is inspired by the environmental voluntary campaign “Puliamo il Mondo” of Legambiente, tangibly contributing, at local level, to waste collection in the urban parks and to the survey called Park Litter.

It is the largest participated scientific monitoring project ever carried out and consists in collecting data and information on the ground useful for understanding the health status of Italian parks. The survey is possible only thanks to the cataloguing of each single item of waste found in an area of 100m², identified and bordered by volunteers in every site to clean.

The data of the 2022 Report, processed from almost 32,000 items of waste collected in 56 urban parks, shows an alarming situation. With an average of 5 items of waste for every m2, most are “single use” products made from artificial polymers such as plastic bottle caps. Cigarettes, also in large numbers, account for 42% of the total.[1]

Prestigious world studies have also established how rivers connected to the urban sewage system, through manholes and gutters, are among the main carriers of marine pollution. It can therefore be stated how, with their noble action, besides making the park liveable, the EptaPeople of the Milan office have indirectly protected the sea and the World.

Epta employees have had the opportunity to experience Citizen Science directly, in the form of team building, achieving important results: in a single day 28 kg of general waste, 11 kg of glass and 1.3 kg of cigarette butts were removed from the green areas involved”, explains Irene Bellitti, HR Business Partner Headquarter Epta, who continues “This voluntary work, apart from increasing knowledge of the territory, has allowed to increase the awareness of our EptaPeople about the environment which surrounds us and the need to protect it, promoting a sense of civic service for the benefit of the community and the company”.



[1] Data can be consulted in the Park litter 2022 Survey