EPTA platinum sponsor of ATMOsphere America

search 16 Oct 2020

EPTA platinum sponsor of ATMOsphere America

Epta, with its brand Kysor Warren, is Platinum Sponsor of the ninth edition of ATMOsphere America, the online conference dedicated to natural refrigeration, which will take place from 20 to 22 October. The event unites the voices of experts, policy makers and end users of the HVAC&R sector, to take stock of the latest innovations, update each other on the market trends and view the presentation of cutting-edge projects.

On the first day, Michael May of Livingstone Consulting will illustrate the advantages of using transcritical CO2 and the need to accelerate the adoption of sustainable technologies. For more insight on the topic, Daniele Mazzola, Invention Team Leader of FTE and Technical Marketing Manager of Epta will give a speech on the progressive use of CO2 transcritical systems in the United States and the evolution of the FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency developed by the Group, part of the Life-C4R project co-financed by the European Union. The FTE 2.0 solution, which combines simplicity, energy saving and reliability in any climate condition, is currently in the early stage of its implementation in the US market.

The third day, which provides a focus on Central and South America, also features the contribution of Germán Smitt, Director de Refrigeracion y Servicios of Epta Argentina. During his speech, he will illustrate the positive results of a CO2 transcritical installation realised by Epta and commissioned by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). In particular, this case study compares the data gathered at a supermarket located in a warm geographical area, during a year of operation of the new CO2 transcritical system, with the parameters of the previous year, when the store used Freon as a coolant.