search 10 Apr 2023


Epta is partner of the Retail Digital Innovation Observatory (School of Management, Politecnico di Milano) important source of information on the opportunities of digital on companies. As an advocate of research, Epta participates in the Conference to present the 2022 study “Il Digitale nel Retail: un cambio di rotta?”, which highlights the state of the art of investments in the sector in the last year.


Il Digitale nel Retail: un cambio di rotta? (Digital in Retail: a change of direction?)

This is the fil-rouge investigated by the analysis of the Retail Digital Innovation Observatory on the evolution underway in the sector, also realised thanks to the evidence of leading companies. What is emerging is a scenario characterised by new habits and renewed stores, which cover a key role in consolidating the relationship with end consumers. The research shows that in 2022 digitalisation was an integral part of the development agendas of Retailers in Italy, with a dual purpose: increase customer experience and make some store activities more efficient.


The use of technology allows, for example, to make accurate forecasts of demand, optimise the management of products along the supply chain and keep costs down. The survey involved the first 300 Italian companies in terms of turnover and allowed to map the digital transformation initiatives, estimating its potential interest for the future.


Epta guides digital innovation

To date, digital innovation is a must to be competitive. Epta is increasingly embracing technology, including it in the range of services offered to Clients.” comments Emanuela Di Costa Product Marketing Manager Digital&Service of Epta. “The LifeCycle Program of EptaService, previewed at Euroshop 2023, is conceived to steer this change of direction”.


LifeCycle Program is the new plan branded Epta Service which has the goal of extending the useful life of the cabinets and refrigeration systems through preventive maintenance which includes the access to two advanced diagnostic platforms.


The first, SwitchON, monitors the correct operation of systems and remote cabinets from remote, managing their performance. In case of malfunctions, the technology promptly reports the fault and pools the know-how of Epta thanks to an intuitive, structured and effective guide for a speedy resolution. The second, LineON, offers the possibility to analyse numerous plug-in parameters 24/7 and makes available reports related to the sale trends and to consumer preferences.


An approach geared to integrating products and digital services and making them useable starting from a single access point, to guarantee the customer a complete Customer Journey


The LifeCycle Program is a flexible and customisable program on the basis of the needs of the Retailer” concludes Emanuela Di Costa of Epta. “It ensures the reduction in energy consumption and ongoing operation over time, and represents a clear example of the evolution that can be achieved thanks to digitalisation”.