Epta, a partner of the Commercial Excellence Lab (CEL) run by SDA Bocconi

search 07 May 2021

Epta partner del Commercial Excellence Lab di SDA Bocconi

Epta is partner of the Commercial Excellence Lab (CEL) of SDA Bocconi, the Management School of Bocconi University. Born from the collaboration between the academic world and businesses, CEL is the first and only Italian knowledge lab dedicated to commercial excellence.

Given the increasing strategic role taken on by the sales functions in organisations, CEL sets itself the goal of promoting research and the continuous development of the commercial skills necessary to empower the results of company employees, generating positive effects on the business. Further targets are to improve the professionalization of the sales world, the reputation of the roles in this area and increase the attractiveness of the Company for young talents and managers, positioning it as best place to work in a commercial environment.

CEL proposes a wide range of activities to generate and share knowledge. These include applied research, on an annual basis, dedicated to frontier themes in sales, to respond to the tangible needs of companies. The focus of this year is “Mastering the new normal in Sales Organizations” with reference to Remote Selling and the study of four main macro-themes: Empowerment, Enablement, Enactment and Engagement of sellers. The spread of the analysis results contributes to the diffusion of a culture of excellence and professionalism in the commercial processes and structures. Furthermore, this initiative, combined with numerous events, round tables, workshops and webinars organised, contribute to defining performance drivers, models of skills and the sharing of best-practice and stimuli for improvement.