Epta looks to the future with the CRIT partnership

search 13 Feb 2019


Epta confirms the central role of innovation and technology as fundamental levers to sustain the Group’s growth and enters into partnership with CRITa company specialising in the research and analysis of scientific technical information and the development of pioneering projects. An initiative to build on collaborative innovation and share knowledge and expertise with other prestigious international companies associated to this body.

CRIT operates as a technological development centre for companies, fostering discussion among participants to explore technical and management matters through the exchange of specific best practices and benchmarking. The activities organised by the body include seminars, conventions, training sessions and intercompany collaborative workshops. CRIT also makes available to its members an exclusive network of suppliers, NFA (Network of Approved Suppliers), which has developed into a proper business network over the years. The affiliated companies are directly involved in programming the activities and contribute to the choice of issues to address, which are always tackled with a collaborative approach and the production chain.

Epta has recently taken part in the seminar dedicated to the Digital Twin model which, combining IoT technologies, AI and data analytics with simulation tools, paves the way to the development of new business models aimed at servitization, including predictive diagnostics of systems and machinery, monitoring the quality of manufactured products, design optimisation and product customisation.

On 7 February, the Group will take part in the event on 5G and digital transformation, to explore opportunities and technological challenges posed by the fourth industrial revolution.