Epta joins the CSR Manager Network to continue to pursue its sustainable growth plans

search 26 Mar 2021

Epta aderisce al CSR Manager Network

Epta joins the CSR Manager Network this year, as further confirmation of its sustainable growth project and its commitment to territorial protection and the promotion of initiatives in favour of the community and inclusion.

The association was set up in 2006 to bring together Italian professionals who are dedicated to the management of social and environmental issues in Companies and Organisations. It also represents the Italian arm of an international network of similar consortia. It is partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), of the Global Network and a member of the European Association of Sustainability Professionals (EASP).

Thanks to the openness to international communities, the CSR Manager Network stimulates the sharing of expertise, approaches, standards and best-practice. The aim is to bring together reciprocal experiences, in favour of affirming sustainability as a key element for responsible business development, future-proof. Finally, the CSR Manager Network constitutes a body for representation and dialogue with the political world, business associations, unions and NGOs. It also participates in national and international debates to enhance the culture of sustainability and improve the competitiveness of businesses, contributing to real social progress.