Epta Health Challenge, virtuous competitions between employees to foster greater cohesion and a healthy lifestyle

search 04 Nov 2021

Epta Health Challenge, competiciones virtuosas entre compañeros en nombre del deporte y el bienestar

Epta launches Health Challenge, the initiative that promotes a healthier lifestyle among its employees. An integral part of business welfare, Epta Health Challenge encourages challenges among colleagues in sport and good living. Through strategies of gamification, it strengthens the culture of well-being inside the organisation, involving all Epta People of the Italian branches in a series of activities to increase cohesion and improve health.

Through the Healthy Virtuoso app, participants can invite colleagues to one-to-one races and take part in those activated by Epta, also in teams, to win the prizes on offer together. The winners are those who do more steps, sleep more and take time to meditate. Credits are obtained for every challenge completed, to climb the general classification.

The idea has already had great success inside the Company; in fact, it is now in its second edition after the success of the first Health Challenge that ended last June.

The engagement is high and the results are considerable in both the improvement of well-being and in the increase in motivation and spirit of the group, even at a distance. Conceived to ensure maximum inclusion, regardless of geographic position, gender, age group and job level, the programme aims at consolidating the sense of community and improving talent retention. The working relationship becomes virtuous and the business benefits in terms of reputation and productivity.