Epta France contributes to the association Industries of the Basque Country to enhance the sector

search 13 Apr 2022

Ass. Industrie Paesi Baschi

Epta France is among the members of the Association “Industries of the Basque Country”, recently founded in Bayonne. This new group has been set up to become better acquainted with the sector, promote exchanges between the various companies and improve dialogue with the institutions. 

During the inauguration ceremony, Jean-Marc Abbadie, HR Manager of Epta France, commented: “We are proud to be among the founding members of the Association “Industries of the Basque Country”. This initiative, supported by the Community of agglomeration of the Basque Country, by our Region and by a large group of industrial players, is an expansion of the “Territory of the Industry” project launched in 2018, which already saw us among the protagonists. Our participation in the group is a further confirmation of our active role in favour of economic and social development to attract future talents”.

A network of companies to share skills and develop innovative projects

The members of the Association have realised an ambitious roadmap to promote the Basque industry. The programme focuses on innovative collaboration, technological progress, skill sharing and strengthening of communication with the outside. 

HR management and dialogue with the institutions: the roadmap of Industries of the Basque Country 

The roadmap is structured on 3 axes and responds to the following challenges: 

  • give new power to Basque industries and attract new resources, both economically and in terms of personnel. The goal will be achieved through the implementation of numerous initiatives. These include the strengthening of the direct relationship with the local political representatives, to promote the companies and their excellence. It is also worth noting the creation of a strong and supportive network between the industries and centres of expertise.
  • increase sharing inside the business network. This is reflected in the desire to enter into agreements to create buying groups and in sharing skills to favour 4.0 digital transformation. Programmes like that carried out by Epta in recent years, geared to sharing employees, also stand out.
  • develop innovative projects, to stimulate the industrial ecosystem and accelerate synergies among the different players. 

The new network already joins 40 companies, for a total of almost 4000 employees. They are companies that share the same value systems and come together to grow, increase competitivity and productivity, driven by the same passion for the land.