search 30 Oct 2019


Your #Storevolution. The Epta System: this is Epta’s promise to the market, which will be previewed at Euroshop 2020, the world’s leading Retail fair which will be held in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 February.

An evolution/revolution is underway in the Retail world, dictated by a more demanding clientele, new consumer trends and stringent international legislation, which is continuously updated. In a scenario which is changing at an ever-increasing pace, Epta, leader in the refrigeration world, in virtue of a global approach, works alongside Retailers in tackling the changes in the technological and legislative area, in addition to the challenges in proposing increasingly more attractive set-ups, merged with performance and excellent services.

To experience the store in its most evolved version the answer is Epta System, the winning combination of comprehensive solutions and advanced services, offered by specialist teams which work to leave an even more distinctive mark and transform the stores into an authentic destination for consumers.

Thanks to brand synergy, the Group offers the widest range of systems and technologies for refrigeration in the Large-Scale Retail, Ho.Re.Ca and Food & Beverage sectors. Furthermore, thanks to the contribution of teams of professionals, it is able to work alongside the Client at every phase of the project, from the conception of appealing spaces which give dynamism and vitality to the layout of any store, up to assistance and after-sales consulting, guarantee of maximum reliability and performance.

How can you make your Clients experience the store in its most evolved and decidedly exciting version? The first step is to choose Epta, the refrigeration specialist, as your partner!