Epta and Vodafone for a futuristic shopping experience

search 02 Jul 2018


A futuristic people-embracing partnership: Epta and Vodafone, top global mobile operator, have set themselves this goal to bring the digital revolution into everyday life, shaping new consumer purchasing experiences. #EPTABricks, the innovative refrigerated cabinets by Epta, designed to make products purchased on retailer websites available for collection 24h a day, meet the connectivity and services of Vodafone IoT.

Designed to respond to the needs of modern and hyperconnected consumers, #EPTABricks are created to be installed at points of interest close to stores, in stations or in Companies. Different configurations are available, thanks to the possibility to choose columns of cabinets to store fresh, frozen or dry products, depending on Retailer needs.

 #EPTABricks are a perfect example of another partnership in the Retail sector between two outstanding leading groups, in commercial refrigeration and connectivity.

Close co-operation which facilitates digital transformation, making it multichannel. The advantage of the solution, besides remote control in terms of maintenance and diagnosis, is the dedicated and scalable cloud platform to manage orders, book the cabinets and send notifications to users and operators in real time.

The event “Internet of Things” on 13 June organised by Vodafone in Rome with the participation of Epta was the ideal occasion to celebrate the partnership and make the public present aware of #EPTABricks, a system which exceeds the traditional distinction between physical and virtual shop, positioning itself as an intelligent alternative to Home Delivery.