Epta and Valore D together for inclusive leadership

search 04 Jul 2022


Epta subscribes to Valore D, the network of more than 300 companies which, for more than 10 years, has been promoting gender equality and inclusive culture in Italy.   

Valore D proposes an integrated approach and directed at results. Programmes, tangible tools, training events and indicators studied to monitor and increase the level of inclusion are made available to members.

Furthermore, due to the best practices implemented by the companies and the ongoing dialogue between them and the institutions, companies of Valore D become part of a network for sharing high-value know-how.

The goal is to overcome differences of gender in favour of real progress of organisations and Italy overall.


Work life balance and well-being with Epta

Epta is already active, in this area, with several projects:

  • well-being initiatives continuously updated to create working environments attentive to the needs of all employees
  • leadership and governance models able to foster participation and dialogue
  • projects dedicated to the promotion of work life balance.

Today, thanks to the partnership with Valore D and to the inspiration offered by its rich manifesto, Epta is preparing to put in place another evolution.

With the goal of increasingly subscribing to the principles of inclusivity, it will commit itself to defining and integrating further tangible measures, also based on the suggestions received from the employees of the Group.

Internal activities will be arranged to gather ideas on how to put into practice and interpret the nine points of the manifesto.


Gender disparity: “Diversity is resource”

“Diversity is a resource. The entry to Valore D, of which I am proud to be among the signatories of Manifesto 2022, is evidence of the attention Epta has always put into these themes.

Enhancing the uniqueness of each person is a commitment rooted in our model of doing business. I believe that the spread of inclusive culture is crucial to promote sustainability in its widest and most comprehensive meaning, guarantee the expression of the maximum potential of gender balance, cultural and generational diversities”.

States Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta, who concludes: “We are committed every day to recognising individual differences. We are convinced that companies where Diversity & Inclusion are protagonists tackle the challenges of the market with greater innovation and success and guarantee full development of the talents and wellbeing of our human resources”.